Morgan Stanley
  • Wealth Management
  • AUG 1, 2018

Morgan Stanley Has a Strong Standing in the Barron’s Top 50 Financial Adviser List

Financial Advisers from Morgan Stanley Wealth Management have had a strong showing in the 2018 Barron’s Top 50 Financial Adviser List, with Matthew Koch, part of the MKOB Group, named in the top 15.

The list, which is compiled by The Australian in conjunction with the US investment publication Barron’s, is now in its second year and is already considered an industry benchmark for finance professionals. Candidates for inclusion in the list respond to an exhaustive survey, designed and managed by Barron’s which also runs the US Top Financial Advisers list. Among the factors the survey takes into consideration are assets under management, revenue produced for the Firm and the quality of service provided to clients. 

Morgan Stanley Australia’s Head of Wealth Management, Ian Chambers said Morgan Stanley’s strong showing on the list attested to the Firm’s longstanding presence in Australia, where it was first established more than 50 years ago and also reflects the Firm’s global reputation as one of Wall Street’s most enduring blue ribbon firms. 

“Backed by the weight of a global financial powerhouse, Morgan Stanley Australia’s advisers tailor their advice and services to the specific needs of Australian clients, all within the framework of the Firm’s global values and ethics. Our talented and client-focused advisers have propelled us to where we are today,” Mr Chambers said. 

“We have proven that local knowledge and personalised services can work hand in hand with global insight and connectivity. Access to everything the world’s financial markets have to offer does not dilute our presence or engagement on the domestic front, nor decrease our Australian based capabilities. But the combination of local and global prowess is a formidable one.” 

Morgan Stanley Australia’s Country Head and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Wagner said the list served as a vote of confidence for the Firm’s direction and achievements. 

“This list provides both clients and advisers with a unique guide to the leading financial practitioners in the sector,” Mr Wagner said. 

“It also recognises and encourages quality advice and high professional standards across the industry. When a Firm is doing things right, and servicing their clients with integrity, the industry needs to acknowledge that and hold it up as a benchmark for what should be achievable across the board.” 

The full list was published on Friday, June 15, in The Australian's monthly magazine, The Deal.