Guidance and Support for Investor Visa Clients

We understand moving to a new country requires a lot of preparation. Morgan Stanley has Financial Advisers with Significant Investor Visa and Investor Visa expertise and experience that can help make immigrating to Australia as seamless as possible for you and your family.
Australia: An Attractive Home for Investors

The SignificantInvestor Visa (SIV) and Investor Visa (IV) are initiatives by the Australian Federal Government to drive innovation and contribute to Australia’s economic growth by attracting investors who seek permanent residency in Australia.


Australia is attractive for many investors due to its economic resilience and historical track record of steady growth. Australia is a globally integrated economy with strong trade and investment links with the growing Asia-Pacific region.



Why the Morgan Stanley SIV/IV Solution?

Morgan Stanley is one of the world’s largest wealth management organisations. Our extensive international presence means we are well-positioned to address the global needs of our clients.


At Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia, our Advisers provide tailored asset allocation and portfolio management within the Australian Government’s complying investment framework. Depending on where you are located, Morgan Stanley may also be able to provide you with holistic wealth management support.


Investment Management Support and More for SIV/IV Clients

Robust Due Diligence for SIV/IV Compliance

Compliance with the SIV/IV program is our utmost priority. Morgan Stanley heavily invests in our people and systems to ensure that a robust framework is in place to safeguard compliance. Further, we conduct a comprehensive due diligence process before approving third-party managers for inclusion on the SIV and IV Approved Product List.


An Experienced Team

Morgan Stanley has an experienced, multilingual team of Financial Advisers across the major Australian capital cities thatcan help you with your SIV/IV requirements. Our dedication and experience working with Chinese investors in particular have enabled us to develop a deep understanding of the specific needs and aspirations of these clients.


Leading Products

Morgan Stanley is a leading provider of complying investment solutions and uses an open architecture for the selection of SIV/IV complying investments. This means we work with you to select from what we consider to be the best products from a number of reputable fund managers within the SIV and IV program requirements. We have a robust risk framework to help ensure you are invested in appropriate assets, without sacrificing performance.


Transparent Advisory Fees

Morgan Stanley is committed to fee structures that are simple, transparent and competitive.

For your SIV or IV portfolio, we charge an advisory fee on top of the competitive wholesale fee charged by the fund manager. This advisory fee provides you with access to Morgan Stanley’s offering of market-leading products, selection of high-quality fund managers, continuous monitoring of compliance and our asset allocation views.


Sophisticated Reporting

As a global wealth manager, Morgan Stanley can provide you with a bespoke holistic wealth management solution, beyond managing your SIV/IV investments. Our Financial Advisers work closely with our research teams to provide clients with access to a remarkable range of assets and insights. From global asset allocation to investment selection, we offer a range of investment solutions through multi-currency, multi-asset class, private equity, initial public offerings (IPO) and pre-IPO opportunities.


One-Stop-Shop Offering

Morgan Stanley can offer you a ‘one-stop-shop’ service by introducing you to a network of trusted external professional service providers, who can help you with a smooth transition to Australia. These external service providers offer advice in real estate, immigration, legal, education and tax.

Learn More

To find out more information, read the Morgan Stanley Solutions for Significant Investor Visa and Investor Visa brochure.