Our Recruitment Process

From events to online applications and interviews, understand how our Australia recruitment process works.

Your Preparation Guide

  1. Meet Us on Campus

    We’re looking for bold thinkers to help us build the future. Discover how we’re using capital to create real change in the world — from funding the fashion world to helping create millions of jobs in China.


    Morgan Stanley professionals will be hosting campus recruitment events at your university or virtually across Australia from February to July. Check with your career services centre and student-run organisations for a list of key dates. Join us.

  2. Find the Program for You

    Our internshipsand full-time analyst roles are for penultimate and final-year students. Check specific job postings for additional information.

  3. Apply Online

    We accept applications on our careers website. Deadlines vary by program and location, so check online. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible.


    Clearly list your graduation date and current cumulative WAM, and submit a cover letter. We’re looking for well-rounded individuals with diverse backgrounds. Don’t just write about your academic achievements—tell us about your interests, experiences and what makes you unique. Apply online here.

  4. Prepare for Your Interview

    Some of our divisions conduct testing prior to first-round interviews. First-round interviews may take place on the telephone, via video conferencing or on campus and will focus on a combination of technical, competency and motivational questions. Some of our divisions may include language proficiency analysis.


    We conduct final-round interviews in person at our offices or virtually. These could be a series of one-on-one talks, technical interviews and group exercises depending on the division. It’s our goal to match the right person with the right job.


    Let’s create tomorrow, together. Join us.

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