Wealth Management Research

In Australia, our Wealth Management Research team takes the broad insights delivered by our global team and adapts them to Australian market conditions for the benefit of local investors.
World-Class Research Is One of the Foundations of Morgan Stanley’s Offering to Its Clients

Australia is increasingly influenced by global markets, economics and politics. To have the full picture, investors need to be across international events, trends and research. As one of the world’s largest wealth organisations, and the largest international wealth manager in Australia, Morgan Stanley has exceptional global research.


Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Australia benefits from the support of a dedicated research team. This team bridges the gap between our world-renowned institutional research and the needs of local Australian clients. Our local research team, which directs the asset allocation and instrument selection process, makes full use of the wealth of resources provided by Morgan Stanley internationally.

Our Advice Goes Beyond Asset Allocation

  1. Asset Allocation

    Strategic and tactical blend of assets

  2. Active/Passive

    The right blend of active and passive investment styles optimises fees and may beat single style

  3. Manager Selection

    Selectivity ensures managers meet our quality standards

  4. Portfolio Constructionand Risk Management

    Manage risk efficiently by combining and weighting managers

Learn More

Contact your Morgan Stanley Financial Adviser to read the Primer on Asset Allocation publication written by our research team.