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  • Technology
  • Jan 9, 2019

Computing Takes a Quantum Leap

The concept of Quantum Computing is unfamiliar to many of us, but its impact on a vast array of sectors could deliver benefits that propel research and development into a new era of productivity and growth.

Medical research and the Quantum edge

Mainstream media outlets often run stories on new drug developments that show great promise as future treatments for a host of chronic diseases, but the developments can be years away from becoming available to the people who need them.

Bulk amounts of data need to be processed and analysed, tests and logistics need to be undertaken.

How different would the reality be if the computers that process the data and analytics behind new developments could be turbo-charged to operate at exponentially higher speeds?

That reality could soon be within reach thanks to the emergence of Quantum Computing. Ultimately, delivering more timely relief and treatment for chronic illnesses.    

We believe quantum computing could trigger the beginning of a fourth industrial revolution.

- Morgan Stanley Research

A union of power and speed

Beyond boosting the efficiency of processes and data analysis within the medical sector, Quantum computing could be the catalyst for a new age of enhanced capability across multiple industries.

The way the technology works is complex, but a simple explanation that encapsulates the potential is that Quantum computers are more powerful than classical computer systems and are therefore able to process data at a much faster rate.

The additional speed makes them useful for researchers tackling complex problems, like weather prediction or materials analysis.

Quantum computers also stand to transform operations and efficiency across the financial sector and in the utilities sector – particularly for nuclear fusion developments.

Other areas where the technology will be a boost for business include the oil and gas sector, chemicals, aerospace and defence, capital goods, artificial intelligence and big data.    


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