Big Data vs Big Brother

Big Data is everywhere, and it’s starting to raise some concern among consumers.

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Are Flying Cars Preparing for Takeoff?

In a new BluePaper, Morgan Stanley Research says autonomous urban aircraft may no longer be the stuff of comic books. Accelerating tech advances and investment could create a $1.5 trillion market by 2040.


Beyond the Scalpel

The line between science fiction and fact is blurring as genetic intervention, 3D-printed organs, surgical robots and data-based genome diagnostics slowly become reality.


Five Ideas That Could Add Alpha in 2019

From streaming media to China’s bond market, Morgan Stanley identified dozens of debates where the firm’s views diverge from market consensus. Here are five highlights.


Video Gaming's Epic Battle in the Cloud

Subscription pricing and cloud gaming are the future battleground for console makers, game publishers and new tech players looking to lock in coming growth in the video-gaming market.


Computing Takes a Quantum Leap

The concept of Quantum Computing is unfamiliar to many of us, but its impact on a vast array of sectors could deliver benefits that propel research and development into a new era of productivity and growth.


2019 Global Outlook: Turning Point Ahead

The global economy is set to grow 3.6% in 2019, but that headline number masks key changes: U.S. growth could slow, while emerging markets retake the lead.