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Why investors should track El Nino

The weather phenomenon could bring surging temperatures, higher food prices and stubborn inflation. How can investors prepare?

Institute for Sustainable Investing

Ramping Up Investment in Nature

Nature generates trillions of dollars in economic value, and its degradation puts ecosystems and economies at risk. Governments, companies and investors are working to ramp up investments that protect nature.

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Ready to Perform: 2024 Bond Market Outlook

As inflation finally seems to be coming under control, and growth is slowing as the global economy feels the full impact of higher interest rates, 2024 could be a compelling year for bonds.

Investment Management

Market Outlook: Nigeria’s New Dawn

A new president’s policy reforms could spur economic growth and the rise of a mass consumer market, with potential opportunities in mobile banking and consumer goods.


How Generative AI Could Reshape Work

Generative AI will likely affect a wide range of professions and create new occupations. Morgan Stanley economists break down the revolutionary technology’s near-term impacts on labour and the economy.

Thoughts On The Market

Macro Economy: The 2024 Outlook

As global growth takes a hit and inflation begins to cool, how does the road ahead look for central banks and investors?


Delta's Ed Bastian: Making Travel Magical

Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic helped build brand loyalty, his conviction to take tough stands and how he sees sustainability shaping the future of air travel.