Deeper Drop, Slower Climb

Morgan Stanley Research has revised its assumptions on the timing of the normalisation of US economic activity. After a 38% annualised drop in growth in the second quarter, a shallower rebound in the third quarter is predicted, with activity returning to its pre-virus level at the end of 2021.


Coronavirus: Recession, Response, Recovery

Falling demand and disrupted supply chains will trigger a global economic recession. However, strong monetary and fiscal policy responses under way could set the stage for a second-half rebound.

Wealth Management

What does market volatility mean for your super?

An increase in market volatility can create a challenging environment for investors and more specifically, the wider superannuation industry. Many people start to wonder, how does this affect my super?


Coping With Volatility

Revisiting some fundamental principles of investing may help ease your mind.


Are European Stocks Really That Cheap?

European stocks still look cheap relative to their global peers, but bargain hunters shouldn't simply buy the benchmark. Here's how to size up Euro stocks.

Global Capital Markets

The Other Type of Income Inequality

Michael Wilson, Morgan Stanley’s Chief U.S. Equity Strategist & Chief Investment Officer explains why corporate inequality is unsustainable and potentially a bigger risk to the economy and markets than the issue of individual income inequality.


7 Ideas That Could Add Alpha in 2020

Morgan Stanley Research takes a diverging view from the market consensus across dozens of areas, from secular themes to regional economic outlooks. Here are seven highlights for 2020.