The Biggest Risk to our Bullish Forecast

While Morgan Stanley has a bullish view on the trajectory of the global economy, a key part of our forecast is conditional on a "grand reopening".

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Fireside Chat with Jon Gray

Blackstone President and COO Jon Gray talks about the post-COVID environment, maintaining investment discipline as business scales up, the appropriate level of return in a near-zero interest rate environment and what keeps Jon up at night.


The Increasing Role of Data and Automation

The nexus of changing customer expectations, increasing competition and evolving regulation is providing opportunities and challenges that will transform businesses from across the spectrum.

Thoughts On The Market

So, What’s the Story?

Although a key component of investing is getting the narrative correct, perhaps a bigger component is knowing when the narrative could change.


Believe in the Expansion

While we acknowledge the impact to economic activity from the rise of the Covid-19 Delta variant, underlying activity remains robust, whilst the desire for a return to "normal" remains as strong as ever.


New Investor Opportunities Emerge in Cloud-Era Cybersecurity

As cyber threats follow enterprises into the cloud, two key software markets are set to converge into a single discipline for more effective threat prevention, detection and response. A look at the opportunities for investors.


All About the Money Supply

Given the substantial increase in the money supply in the US in recent years, concerns over its impact on inflation are understandable. We delve more deeply into this connection and find cause and effect is not quite that straight-forward.


Plugging into the Electrification Supercycle

What’s the lower-risk way to play compelling electrification themes, such as electric cars, modern energy grids, storage and distributed power? A unique take for investors.