Investment Management

Top 10 Trends of 2021

Top trends focused on how the impact of the pandemic could radically reshape the roster of winners and losers in global markets.


The Internet on Pandemic Fast-Forward

Did our online binge during lockdowns forever change how we shop for goods and services? Five debates for investors to watch in 2021.


Post COVID-19: Working And Living

While no sector of the economy has gone untouched, over time many sectors may normalise, with some returning to business as usual and others returning to a “new normal".

Thoughts On The Market

Was January a Roadmap for 2021?

Historically speaking, as goes January, so goes the year. Here’s why higher volatility and dispersion of returns between sectors and stocks may define 2021.


What Makes a Good Banking App?

Morgan Stanley’s latest analysis of Australian banking apps shows a trend towards alternative payment methods, personalised budgeting and lifestyle features.


7 Ideas That Could Add Alpha in 2021

From online ad growth to precision agriculture, seven themes could shape industries and drive asset prices this year. Here’s how—and why—our views on each diverge from the market consensus.