The Biggest Risk to our Bullish Forecast

While Morgan Stanley has a bullish view on the trajectory of the global economy, a key part of our forecast is conditional on a "grand reopening".

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Thoughts On The Market

New Year, New Opportunities

With a new calendar year, the narrative in markets may not be shifting but there are still opportunities for investors to consider as growth rates, policy proposals, and interest rates shift in the coming year.


Uber and the New Future of Work

The future of work was already a debate pre-pandemic, but COVID-19 continues to add a disruptive new wrinkle. We sit down with Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi to discuss the ever-changing state of work.


2022 Global Macro Outlook: Growth Despite Inflation

The surge in global inflation has investors fretting about future growth, but Morgan Stanley economists say price surges will subside, making way for 4.7% global GDP growth in 2022. Here’s the view on the global economy.


2022 Outlook:
Australia Opening Up

Easing of lockdown and border restrictions, along with a stimulatory federal election, see a strong demand recovery through 2022.


Wellington Management: Investing in the Future of Health Care

What health care breakthroughs will we be talking about in twenty years? Morgan Stanley's Amy Ellis sits down with Wellington Management CEO Jean Hynes to discuss asset management and the future of health care innovation.


General Motors’ Bold Charge Toward an EV Future

How do you exit a business that currently accounts for nearly 100% of your profits? General Motors Chair and CEO Mary Barra sits down with Adam Jonas, Head of Morgan Stanley's Global Auto & Shared Mobility research team, to discuss the seismic shift to electric.